Live-In Membership

Core Requirements

Live-in members are expected to maintain their status as a part time or full time student or hold employment in the area while living in the bunkroom.

Fire/EMS live-in applicants must have at least:

  • FireFighter I (ProBoard/IFAC certified) and/or…
  • EMT (most states & NREMT accepted)
  • EMS Only (EMT/Paramedic) live-in applicants must have NREMT or EMT (most states accepted)

All Applicants Must pass a full background check and NFPA level physical and be issued a county ID number prior to move in.

Staffing Expectations

Live-in members are expected to be on duty at minimum three(3) nights per week or forty(40) hours a week , plus a rotation of weekends and holidays based on overall staffing.